Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Early Tinkerbell 3 color script


  1. You are a great artist! Wonderful colours on your works...your color reserch for the Hunchback have been so inspiring for me during these years...very beautiful :-)

  2. Hello Mr. Warter
    I'm sali, work as art director at small animation studio in Jogja, Indonesia. I'm looking good resources to become a better art director. After watch Tinker Bell #3 today, I googling on the art director's name and found this. I think, follow this blog will be a good start to study art directing (again). Could you tell me another good reference for art directing in animation industry?

    Please come to our studio's channel on YouTube and share your opinion about our works :)

    ihlas aka sali

  3. I have just completed my first colour script and now I have sooooo much more appreciation for colour in every movie, and particularly the artists who create these atmospheres. Amazing work